Karina Gesser designs and manufactures all her jewelry and recycled purses by hand in her home studio in California. A native Brazilian, she's inspired by different cultures and nature’s shapes and textures to mix brass and faux leather to create unique and bold pieces with hopes that it will bring joy to those who wear them.
"What I like about jewelry is that just one item can change the way we feel. We might be wearing a white t-shirt and have our hair up in a messy bun, without any makeup on– but if we add a beautiful piece of jewelry, we immediately feel uplifted and more confident.
I’ve always made things with my hands – from painting furniture, trying to sew my own clothes and creating home decor to, of course, making custom jewelry. This hobby, together with my training in industrial design and my love for one-of-a-kind pieces, is what led me to open my studio and start sharing the jewelry and accessories I create with the world".
Contact: karinagesserjewelry@gmail.com